Apr 2006 19

The cover of this month’s edition of “In Style Magazine”. which features a photo of Collective Soul at the Kenneth Cole grand opening in Los Angeles, CA…This magazine is a monthly publication and is currently on newsstands across the world. Stay tuned for more photos and info regarding this release.

Apr 2006 20

Rhythm Tech has added me to their Artist News section of their website: “Rhythm Tech: Artist News”. Thanks to Pam Gore, Spence Strand, and everyone at Rhythm Tech for making such great stuff!

Apr 2006 22

Pro Mark has added me to their “NEW ARTISTS” section of their website: “Pro Mark: NEW ARTISTS”. Thanks to Kevin Radomski, Jenifer Tooke, and everyone at Pro Mark for being so amazing to work with!

Apr 2006 24

Hey Everybody! It is 11am here in sunny Southern California and here I sit for the first time since the move to update my site and share with you all of the amazing things that are happening.

First of all, South Africa was UNBELIEVABLE! Even though we were there for 12 days, it seems that it went by in a flash. Some highlights: We played three shows to a combined audience of over 80,000 people. We got to hang with Metallica several times and I had especially surreal experience getting to know Lars who is one of my all-time heroes. We went on a cable car ride to the top of Table Top Mountain as well as a full-on great white shark cage diving expedition. All in all, it was the trip of a lifetime.

Now, as far as the future is concerned, stay tuned! There are many new updates on the site (check out the FAQ in “The Lab” section and new music on the “Media” page), and I will be making many more in the coming days. Until next time,


Check out my photos of South Africa:

“Table Top Mountain #1”

“Table Top Mountain #2”

“Table Top Mountain #3”

“Table Top Mountain #4”

“Table Top Mountain #5”

“Cape Town Show #1”

“Cape Town Show #2”

“Cape Town Show #3”

“Shark Dive #1”

“Shark Dive #2”

“Shark Dive #3”

“Joel and I”

“Making Friends”

Apr 2006 26

Recorded one new track with my good friend Jason Lucas and producer Jay Condiotti at Noizy Ninja Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

“The after session hang”

Apr 2006 27

A new page called “FAQ” has been added to the site! There is also new music on the “Media Page”.

Apr 2006 28

The cover of the very first edition of “Atlanta Bachelor Magazine”. This will go press and be available to the Southeastern US on March 27th, 2006. Click Here for more photos and info regarding this release.

Check out some unreleased photos from the shoot:

“Atlanta Bachelor Pic #1”

“Atlanta Bachelor Pic #2”

“Atlanta Bachelor Pic #3”

Check out the full article:

“Atlanta Bachelor Article”