Oct 2006 26

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I am pleased and proud to announce that Five Star Iris’ new self-titled full length album will be released Tuesday, October 3rd. Stay tuned for a list of stores and online retailers carrying the record.

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Click here to check out the track that I played on.

Oct 2006 27

Collective Soul will release the “Home” concert DVD/Live Album in the UK on October 6th!

Oct 2006 28

On Oct 1st through the 14th I toured the UK with Bad Company/Queen singer Paul Rodgers. All eight shows were sold out and were in support of his recent DVD release entitled “Free Forever” which went went to number one on the charts while we were there. What an amazing experience this was! Some highlights include: playing the Royal Albert Hall with guest artist Gary Moore, meeting and hanging with Deborah Bonham (John’s sister) who was our opening act, playing with Howard Leese (23 year veteran of Heart) who was our lead guitar player, meeting and hanging with Roger Taylor and Brian May from Queen, playing in front of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, and otherwise getting to play 8 sold out shows with arguably the best voice in rock.

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As if all of this weren’t enough, Collective Soul’s DVD entitled “Home” which was released in February 2006 in the US was released in the UK during this tour. These two events led to some great combined press opportunities that I would love to share with you.

Drummer Magazine: Full three page spread coming out on December 21st, 2006.

Rhythm Magazine: Full one to two page spread coming out in Dec./Jan. 2007

Burn Magazine: Full feature on all five members of Collective Soul. Release: Yet to be determined.

The Paul Rodgers tour ended on the 13th of October in Glasgow, Scotland where we shot a full length live concert DVD which is scheduled to be released in February 2007. I will definitely keep you posted.

“Conga Line”

“Backstage at The Royal Albert Hall with Roger Fischer, Deborah Bonham, Gary Moore, Kurtis Dengler, Lynn Sorenson, and Howard Leese”

“My Office #1”

“My Office #2”

“Laughing with Paul”

After the Glasgow show, at 3:45am, I immediately flew from Glasgow to Atlanta to play a private show with Collective Soul for Sir Richard Branson. This was followed by three full days in the studio with Collective Soul lead guitar player Joel Kosche who has a solo album in the works. Then off to Nashville…I rented a car and drove for a full day of recording in my old town. Whew!

So what’s next? On December 10th I will be flying to Boston to start tracking the new Collective Soul album with super-producer Anthony J. Resta. Then on December 27th I will hit the road once again for a three week tour with Collective Soul.

As always, there are plenty of new updates on the site (check out the press page, and media page) as well as my brand new myspace page Come on by!

Lastly and most importantly, I want to thank all of my beloved friends and family. I genuinely appreciate every ounce of your love and support. Happy Thanksgiving!!!