Matthew Puckett
“All Your Hands In The Air”
(ABC 2011)

Magnets and Ghosts
(EL Music Group 2011)

Will Turpin
“The Lighthouse”
(EL Music Group 2011)

Andreas Gabilier
“Volks Rock N’ Roller”
(Universal Records 2011)

Nik P.
“Der Junge mit der Luftgitarre”
(Sony Records 2011)

Patrick Seiben
(TriStar Music 2011)

Michael Addison
“Always You”
(Addison Music 2011)

Kelly McGrath
(Kelly McGrath Music 2011)

AllStar Weekend
“Suddenly Yours”
(Hollywood Records 2010)

Dean Shoultz
“Suite Dreams”
(Dean Shoultz Music 2010)

Dan Charness
“Brand New Day”
(Dan Charness Music 2010)

Johnny Hunkins
“Talladega Pile-Up”
(GrooveYard Records 2010)

Michael Addison
“The Dream”
(Addison Music 2010)

Joel Kosche
“Fight Years”
(EL Music Group 2010)

Matthew Puckett
“Red Flowers”
(ABC 2010)

Kelly McGrath
“Waiting For Mine”
(Kelly McGrath Music 2010)

Marina V
“My Star”
(Marina V 2010)

Mark Lassiter
“Living Past”
(Mark Lassiter Music 2009)

Select Three
“Select Three”
(Tristar Music 2009)

Anna Vissi
(Sony/BMG 2008)

Serial Thrillers
“Serial Thrillers”
(Bopnique Productions 2008)

Mike Previti
(Bopnique Productions 2008)

Collective Soul
(El Music Group 2007)

Paul Rodgers
“Live In Glasgow”
(Live Album & DVD)
(Eagle Rock Entertainment 2007)

Kelly McGrath
(Kelly McGrath Music 2006)
Rob Giles
“This Is All In Your Mind”
(Rola Records 2006)

Michael Tolcher
“Certified Organic”
(Octone/J Records 2006)

Five Star Iris
“Five Star Iris”
(Hooptyville Records 2006)

Collective Soul
“Home with the Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra”
(Live Album & DVD)
(El Music Group 2006)

Collective Soul
“Cursed” Movie Soundtrack
(Image Entertainment 2005)

Abigail Washburn
“Song of the Traveling Daughter”
(Nettwerk Records 2005)

Duncan McDonald May
“This Day Coming”
(Honeyville Music 2005)

Darlene Double
“Merry Christmas from Me to You”
(Double 2005)

Collective Soul
(El Music Group 2004)

The Warren Bros.
“Well Deserved Obscurity”
(429 Records 2004)

Andy Cooney
“One For The Ages”
(Rego Irish 2004)

Jon Christopher Davis
“Lone Star Attitude”
(Warner/BMG 2004)

Leslie Mills
“Different For Girls”
(Atlantic Records 2003)

Five Star Iris
(Hooptyville Records 2003)

Kids Picks-Hit Mix
(EMI/Sparrow 2003)

Dave Berg
(Warner/Chappell 2003)

Honky MoFo
Ricky Wolking’s solo Album
(Sick Pup Records 2002)