Jun 2010 29

We are thrilled to announce that Joel Kosche’s solo album FIGHT YEARS will be released on June 15! The hard-rocking album chronicles the Collective Soul lead guitarist’s musical journey and features appearances from friends including Steve Walsh from Kansas! “Fight Years” will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and directly from Joel’s website.



Jun 2010 30

Ryan Hoyle plays, records, and co-produces the drum tracks on the theme song “Everything I Want” and 5 other songs featured throughout the series by super-composer Matthew Puckett. The show airs at 10/9C starting June 24th.

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Sep 2010 17

Ryan Hoyle records, plays, and produces the drum tracks on “We Go Together” a cover of the legendary song from the musical “Grease”. This song is produced by Ryan Perez-Daple and will appear in the film “Easy A” which stars Emma Stone & Amanda Bynes. In theaters everywhere NOW!

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Oct 2010 19

Ryan Hoyle records, plays, and produces the drum/percussion tracks on a song called “Can’t Sleep Tonight” for Hollywood Records/Disney artists Allstar Weekend. Their new album entitled “Suddenly Yours” comes out on Tuesday October 19th. They are currently on tour with Selena Gomez and blowing up worldwide!

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Oct 2010 30

Ryan Hoyle records and plays the drum tracks on a song called “Gunfight Epiphany” the theme for FX’s prime-time comedy “Terriers”! Terriers airs every Wednesday at 10pm on FX.

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Nov 2010 30

Ryan Hoyle has recently been added to the scoring team and performs/records the drum/percussion tracks on the current season of ABC’s hit prime-time drama “Castle”. “Castle” airs every Monday night at 10/9pm Central.


Jan 2011 30

Check out my brand new feature in DRUM! Magazine!


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